VH PocketPC Capture

VH PocketPC Capture Beta 0.91

Use your smartphone as a webcam!

"VH PocketPC Capture" (VHPPCCapture) is a tool, which allows you to capture from PocketPC or SmartPhone and control it.

Do you have PocketPC or Windows SmartPhone device? Do you want to capture it's screen, video from screen or camera content? Now, with VH PocketPC Capture tools you can easily capture PocketPC (and SmartPhone) screen content. You can capture in any DirectShow-based application by select "VH PocketPC Capture" as your Video Capture card. Your PocketPC (or SmartPhone) device must be connected to your desktop PC using ActiveSync.

The features offered with VH PocketPC Capture include:

  • Capture from PocketPC (SmartPhone) screen (you can select virtual device in any DirectShow-based application, or you can use special client)
  • Control your PocketPC, SmartPhone (you can control it from special client application, or using special C++ interface of virtual device)
  • Capture video or presentations from your PocketPC (SmartPhone) device.
  • Capture camera content (if you start Camera application on your PocketPC or SmartPhone)
  • So you can use your PocketPC (SmartPhone) as web camera!
  • Free for private use

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VH PocketPC Capture


VH PocketPC Capture Beta 0.91

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